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quote_whiteLiguanea Family Dental has a very friendly and helpful staff. It’s always a pleasure to visit.
Nicole Roberts

quote_whiteLiguanea Family Dental has friendly, courteous and professional services.
Neil Williams

quote_whiteI have found the service here to be usually efficient and pleasant. Follow-up service also is very good.
Winsome Roach

quote_white I feel confident that my teeth are well checked and cared for.
Max Pragnell

quote_whiteA very pleasant and friendly environment in which to experience excellent dental care.
Maureen Thompson

quote_whiteI’m pleased with being seen on time.
Elizabeth DaCosta

quote_whiteI have always had prompt attention and very limited waiting time.
Dr. Joseph Branday

quote_whiteService was more than acceptable and I would recommend friends and family to come here.
Christopher Scott

quote_whiteThe service is great. The staff is wonderful, very professional and they treat me like family.
Paulette Harriott

quote_whiteWe are always given a warm welcome and feel we are treated with expertise and professionalism.
Jenny Pragnell

quote_whiteI like the fact that a program is in place after the first visit.
Sandukor Lindsay

quote_whiteLiguanea Family Dental has wonderful client service from reception to chair. And, treatment is unusually painless.
Nigel Chambers

quote_whiteThe dentist is nice and fun.
Dian & Wayne Palmer

quote_whiteThe services provided by Liguanea Family Dental is par Excellence. The staff is warm and lets its customer feel at home.
Andrae Campbell

quote_whiteAs per usual – excellent!
Clive McCarthy

quote_whiteLiguanea Family Dental has a friendly and courteous dental team and a hygienic environment.
Diya Khemlani