About Dr. Lawson-Myers

Dr Heather-Dawn Lawson-Myers grew up in Jamaica but received her Howard University College of Dentistry training in Washington D.C. Although Dr Lawson-Myers practised in the United States for some time, she desired to return to Jamaica. She could do just that after purchasing Liguanea Family Dental in Kingston. Together with her dental team, they serve a broad cross-section of patients in the Kingston and St. Andrew metropolitan areas. The significant emphasis on exceptional quality dental care and optimum customer service keeps the team striving for distinctiveness.
In 2016, she decided to further her studies and obtained a Fellowship from the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain. She is also a member of the American Association of Dental Sleep Medicine. In addition to practising General Dentistry, she serves many clients living with UARS, Sleep Apnea and TMJ issues.
She is an active member of the Jamaica Dental Association. She has served her professional association holding numerous positions, including three terms as President and three as Vice President. Dr Lawson-Myers has served as Chairperson of the organization’s 38th, 45th and 57th International Annual Conventions. She holds the distinction of being the first and only female Chairperson of the Dental Council of Jamaica. Before that, she served the council for six years and has held various positions, including Chairperson of the Dental Board of Examination Committee and Chief Dental Examiner.
Her most recent title is an educator. Through DAME Educentre Ltd, she launched an online training course for Dental Assistants. Dr Lawson-Myers is the proud mother of a son, Jarell, and daughter, Shauna. Dr Lawson-Myers is actively involved with the Liturgical Dance Ministry at the Swallowfield Chapel, where she worships. In addition, she heads a parachurch ministry that equips women to mentor young ladies and girls called Abigail, TFM. Dr Lawson-Myers also enjoys participating in modern dance classes, walking in the early morning, and entertaining her friends and family during her leisure time.