I am extremely pleased with the quality of service received at the Liguanea Family Dental. The service and level of professionalism makes it a pleasure to visit the dentist.

Nicole Roberts


My experience with Liguanea Family Dental has been very gratifying. The staff has been courteous, very helpful and allows me to relax. The entire dental journey has been awesome. Thanks to a wonderful staff.

Lucien Tomlinson (Patient Since 2000)


Liguanea Family Dental has the most wonderful dental team. First class treatment. Way to go Liguanea Family Dental!

Nikita Edwards (Patient Since 2000)


Usually I do not like to visit any dentist’s office, but when I came here, they made me feel great and well looked after.

Nancy Hado


Liguanea Family Dental is really a family based organization. Family in the sense of catering to the entire family and also family in the sense of treating you like family. I always feel welcomed and I always feel like the staff cares about me and my family. For me, that is everything. More than a decade of great service and still getting better.

Shirlee Morgan (Patient Since 1999)


The service was excellent; I have no complaints, fantastic service!

Ricardo Moulton (Patient Since 2015)