A Composite Resin filling is also called a bonded filling. It is tooth coloured and is used to restore smiles. Bonded fillings restore both front and back teeth and can look quite aesthetically pleasing. Composite resins are available in various shades as tooth colour varies like hair colour. Bonded fillings can restore a chipped, broken, or discoloured tooth to its natural beauty with the right colour match. In some cases, bonded fillings can widen a tooth to close spaces between teeth or reshape a tooth. A composite resin filling can look natural and is a relatively inexpensive Cosmetic Dentistry restoration material.

Many people with long-lasting, attractive, healthy smiles have had Smile Makeovers created with Composite resin fillings. These filings are highly polished to resist stain. However, they can still be discoloured by certain foods, tobacco, coffee and other drinks. Proper oral hygiene is essential to prolong the health of teeth restored with bonded fillings. 

Composite resin is a high-grade plastic. Although durable, oral habits like biting fingernails, cracking ice, and biting hard objects can chip or fracture these fillings.
During your regular six month visit for cleaning and examination, if there are any challenges, they can be identified and restored.