How Can I Improve Bad Breath?

Doc speaks with an otolaryngologist (a physician specializing in the ear, nose and throat) about an underlying reason for bad breath and what you can do to improve it.

Solutions to Sinusitis, Allergies, Swollen Tonsils & More!

Sitting with an Otolaryngologist, Dr. Francis Barnett, Doc learns a ton about the ear, nose and throat and so will you! Find out possible causes for common issues such as nasal stuffiness, snoring in children, allergies, sinusitis and more!

Exercise, Health & Weight Loss Tips from a Personal Trainer

If you could not afford your own Personal Trainer but had the chance to speak with a one, what would you ask? Doc has done the task for you! She speaks with the very knowledgeable Omar West, and finds out special tips/tricks for reaching your exercise goals!

Solutions for Sensitive Teeth!

Do you experience tooth pain when you eat/drink something hot or cold? You don’t have to! Dr. Lawson-Myers shares simple and effective tips on how decrease tooth sensitivity!